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About Us"

The connection a mother has with her infant child is a precious gift and for thousands of years mothers have recognized the importance of creating a strong bond with their child from birth. This is done by carrying the infant directly against the mother’s body in a sling like device, that offers the baby comfort and protection while allowing the mother to closely monitor her baby’s needs. Today, this ancient tradition is rapidly becoming more common in modern culture: babies attached to the mother's body - and other caretakers - in a range of baby carriers.

As a group of analysts, we are showing the world that the human baby is still premature even when considered full-term and by carrying the baby in a sling, the baby feels as if he is still safe in the womb following the pregnancy period.

It is our wish to disseminate the knowledge gained in the researches of psychoanalyst and contributor of O Popular, one of the main newspapers here in Goiás, Luciene Godoy, on the separation of mother and baby about the weaning complex: weaning of the mother's body, not of breast milk.

We also intend to support Metodo Canguru, a health program of the Brazilian government, which is defined as a role model for perinatal assistance.

We support the idea that every human baby needs Canguru treatment and that the consequences of an early or abrupt breaking of the mother infant bond can impact the child throughout their life.